How to travel to Kenya

Traveling to Kenya from the United States is possible with the right amount of preparation. At this time there are no direct flights to Kenya from the United States meaning you will need to be creative about getting there. Thankfully getting to countries that do provide service to Kenya isn’t difficult. It’s a little bit […]

Obtaining a Visa for Tanzania

The safari of Tanzania calls for those willing to make the journey. Tanzania is a developing country with one of the richest nature bounties in all of Africa. Obtaining a visa to visit Tanzania isn’t difficult as long as you follow the instructions that the Tanzanian embassyprovides for prospective visitors. The vast majority of nationals […]

Obtaining a Visa for Nigeria

Nigeria is a country that has a lot of promise despite the current risk factor due to local strife in certain parts of the country. Whether you are planning on coming as a tourist or are interested in conducting business, obtaining a Nigerian visa is possible as long as you are diligent in making sure […]